19 December 2016

From November 30th through to December 3rd the largest Aftermarket Show was held in Asia

The show is the privileged stage for companies who operate in the top automotive market in the world, where the Group has an important development programme underway. There were five reasons that attracted visitors to the innovative architecture of the Brembo stand.
Several products of the new Brembo Aftermarket family were displayed on the stand:  the range of Brembo Xtra sport discs.
In order to enhance the driving style of true enthusiasts, Brembo engineers studied, tested and created a specific drilling that combines the attractive aesthetic look – enhanced by the exclusive UV painting – with brilliant and efficient performance in any braking conditions.
For the discs, drums and pads that Brembo sells to the Aftermarket, a specific anti-counterfeiting system has also been developed. Besides the design of the box, that features the faces of Brembo employees, and the marking on the products, starting from January, customers will also be able to immediately recognize the authenticity of Aftermarket products thanks to the qr code that provides instant confirmation of product authenticity and to the Brembo hologram, unique and irreplicable
The crowned jewel of Brembo shines with a new light, revamped with new graphics. With more than 700,000 unique visitors every year and a 40% return frequency, the website has always been a guide for brake professionals and vehicle enthusiasts who search for and rely on the quality offered by Brembo products Anything a vehicle deserves to have from the world leader in brake systems.
Brembo launched Brembo Expert: designed for professionals in the distribution and spare parts sector, the new assistance and service programme shares with them a unique wealth of knowledge.
Alongside the UV painted discs, the special PVT plus ventilation, the pads, drums and shoes, as well as the hydraulic components, a lot of the attention was also given to the Brembo brake fluid in the DOT 4, DOT 4 LV, and DOT 5.1 versions, characterized by reduced viscosity and a high boiling point.
News on the stand: a green caliper was on display that recalled the colour of the WeChat logo to celebrate the Group's recent launch on the Chinese social network, considered to be a fundamental element for communicating in the Asian country.