15 April 2022

New look for Co-cast brake discs

The new treatment gives the range a unique appearance

In 2018, Brembo offered the exclusive range of composite discs with co-cast technology for the first time in the Aftermarket. The Co-cast disc is used on all the latest-generation Mercedes premium models, for which Brembo is already the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it stands out for the use of a steel hub which is co cast to the high carbon cast iron braking surface.

This technology not only ensures superior performance for the braking system but it also reduces the weight of the disc itself by up to 15%. The Co-cast brake disc is fully interchangeable with an Original Equipment brake disc, has passed the strictest bench tests and is approved to ECE-R90 standards.
New look for co-cast brake discs
Now four years on since it was launched, Brembo has decided to revamp the look of its Co-cast range, standardising it with that of the other exclusive Brembo ranges derived from OE production: the range of floating discs, Dual-cast discs and the latest new entry, the Lightweight discs.


The new galvanisation treatment not only ensures the same superior protection levels as UV paint but also lends the co-cast range a unique appearance compared to UV painted integral brake discs.


The new coating, which is similar to that applied to original equipment brake discs, is already available on all the Co-cast part numbers in the range.
08.D530.13 300 x 12
09.D524.13 360 x 36
09.D525.13 295 x 24
09.D526.13 305 x 28
09.D527.13 318 x 30
09.D527.23 318 x 30
09.D528.13 330 x 32
09.D529.13 342 x 32
09.D529.23 342 x 32
09.D531.13 320 x 24
09.D532.13 360 x 26
09.D533.13 300 x 22
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