12 October 2021

‘Restyling’ of Brembo Xtra brake pad range unveiled

New look Brembo Xtra brake pads aim to highlight the uniqueness of the product range.

Leading braking systems manufacturer Brembo announces the restyling of its ‘Brembo Xtra’ Aftermarket brake pads. This series of pads were developed to accompany the company’s Aftermarket range of drilled and slotted discs, satisfying the needs of sports driving enthusiasts who also demand comfort and duration during daily road use.
Restyling of Brembo Xtra brake pad range unveiled
Available to purchase since June 2021, the visually updated Brembo Xtra brake pads feature brand-new graphics which include a new grey shim with red pad printing bearing the ‘Brembo Xtra’ logo. This new design replaces the laser engraving which has up to now been present on the friction material.
In keeping with Brembo’s high sustainability standards, the updated brake pads come in a wrap that is totally recyclable. This additional layer provides the packaging with an additional protection. The aesthetic redesign of the brake pads, along with the renewed packaging, sets the Brembo Xtra series aside from all of the company’s other ranges, thus highlighting its ultra-premium qualities.
Restyling of Brembo Xtra brake pad range unveiled
First launched in 2018, the Brembo Xtra brake pad range is specially designed for the Max and Xtra disc lines. It covers over 100 part numbers including many of the most recent compact, medium and sports cars. The brake pads feature a material called BRM X L01 which was developed specifically by the company’s engineers. It is made of over 30 different components that have been studied and tested at Brembo’s advanced research laboratories.
Brembo was able to develop this innovative material due to its experience in the original equipment (OE) area and because of the many high-performance products which it has created to meet the most extreme braking conditions. Features of Brembo Xtra brake pads include superior pedal feeling, comfort and fade performance, as well as increased friction stability, a reduction in wear and cleaner rims.
The ‘new look’ Brembo Xtra brake pads are ECE R90 approved, meaning that they are fully compatible replacements for road use. A transition phase is being implemented with regard to the Brembo Xtra brake pads that feature a black shim and the new ones that feature a grey shim, meaning that both options will be available to purchase on the market for a few months.
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