13 September 2017


Attractive and sporty look, as well as performance and safety. Here are all the advantages of drilled discs according to Brembo

If you are an enthusiast who alternates normal road use with a more sporty drive, you will most likely have considered the possibility of replacing your standard brake discs with drilled ones.
In fact, replacing the brake discs is the simplest step to upgrade your braking system and achieve more responsive and efficient braking in all conditions.
So here are the 5 reasons you should switch to Brembo Xtra drilled discs.
  • More grip
Compared to a standard disc, from the initial braking phase, Brembo Xtra drilled discs ensure greater grip and more responsive and efficient performance of the braking system. Because of the holes, the friction coefficient between disc and pad is greater. Especially in the initial phase of braking, you can notice a quicker and bigger response when you press the brake pedal.
  • Attractive and sporty look
A visual impression is also important and a vehicle with Brembo Xtra drilled discs definitely does not go unnoticed. These discs are attention grabbers and are guaranteed to increase the sporty aesthetic of the vehicle. If a sports car stands out primarily because of the details, then in order to give your car more of a “racing” touch, nothing is better than the enhanced look that Brembo Xtra drilled discs ensure.
  •  Advantages on wet roads
The holes disrupt the layer of water that can cover the braking surface. That layer of water acts as a cushion on standard discs, separating the disc and brake pad and increasing the time it takes to stop in wet conditions. Brembo Xtra, on the other hand, provides an efficient response from the very first time the brake pedal is pressed, no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Better heat and gas dispersion
On a standard disc, a sequence of decisive braking manoeuvres in a short period of time translates into a temperature increase. The combustion of the resins that make up the pads, in turn generates gases (fading) that act as a bearing between pad and disc, decreasing the efficiency of the braking system. On a Brembo Xtra disc, on the other hand, the holes allow for quick expulsion of these gases, keeping the friction coefficient unaltered. The holes also help heat from the braking system dissipate more efficiently, even in normal driving conditions.
  • Pad always in top shape
On a standard disc, wear can result in a build-up of ferrous material, which is deposited on the brake pad's friction material. The holes on Brembo Xtra discs, on the other hand, have a scraping effect, which cleans the surface of the brake pad, freeing it form materials that can dampen the brake's response.
There is such a thing as love at first sight, and it often takes the shape of a Brembo Xtra drilled disc.
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