24 July 2017


Facebook, as well as Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and the Chinese WeChat: Social networks are increasingly part of the Brembo communication strategy.

Overall, the 4 main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter) have gained over 3 million interactions (mostly Likes) by our fans in the first semester: approximately 82% higher than that obtained in the first six months of 2016. An increase also achieved thanks to a greater editorial proliferation represented by +45% of the posts posted during the semester.
Followers of Brembo's top 4 social network accounts grew by about 118,000 in the semester (+6%) compared to the 111.000 new followers acquired in the same period of 2016.
Even in the first semester of 2017, Facebook became the most popular Brembo social network, the one that can reach the greatest number of people and best develop brand awareness. In particular, compared with the first half of 2016, fans grew by 8%, reaching 1.378.994 people
The trend has also been positive for "likes", which grew by 33%.
However, other social networks have been able to reach specific targets, such as the young millennials, who particularly appreciate SnapChat, on which Brembo has embarked in the past months, and that in June 30, 2017 had 3.056 users: consumers of the future.
In China, on the other hand, local social networks reign supreme. The most popular of these is WeChat, a mix of Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype & Co, on which Brembo embarked in November 2016.
Returning to the "traditional" social network, the excellent performance of the photographic content-based social network Instagram is also worth mentioning, which is why it is particularly suitable to communicate the care for Brembo's design with followers that have more than doubled in the first half of 2017 to 122.530.
Also up-and-coming, with a percentage of around 30% each, are Linkedin (42.199 followers) and Twitter (22.977 followers).
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