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Rotors Product range

Original or equivalent quality

Coverage of the car park higher than 98%
R&D, laboratory and road testing, production and distribution: the control over the entire production cycle allows Brembo to offer a brake rotors range with excellent performance, reliability, durability, and comfort in all conditions.
Coverage of the car park higher than 98%
UV coating: UV coating technology, developed in collaboration with car manufacturers, which guarantees superior corrosion resistance and full protection of the rotors.
PVT Ventilation: exclusive pillar venting system, patented by Brembo, which improves the cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracks of the rotors by more than 40%.
OE Pedigree
Premium Range: composite and floating rotors for prestigious cars, with excellent performance achieved through special materials and solution.
High Carbon: cast iron brake rotors with higher carbon content to minimise vibration and noise, maximise performance and increase driving comfort.
Time savings
Kit with preassembled bearing: solution for brake rotors with integrated wheel hub, which allows a quick and safe installation, with a great saving of time.
Champion safety
Brembo Xtra: brake rotors with holes on the braking surface that optimise wet performance, ensure constant regeneration of the friction material and guarantee prompt braking under every condition.
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