The lubricant for
high efficiency brakes

Brembo B-Quiet

High load capacity and reliability over the long term for the new product from Brembo.

B-QUIET is the new Brembo lubricant available in the range of Aftermarket products.

The brake lubricant should be applied where the parts of the braking system move or slide or on the sliding surface of the calipers and pads, on the pins and on the bushings.

In all these cases, Brembo B-QUIET lubricant effectively reduces braking system noise and guarantees protection of the components from corrosion.
Lubrificante B-Quiet
Give your brakes the highest possible guarantee with the new lubricant
Easy to spread
Thanks to its consistency which is not very pasty, it spreads evenly on the baking plate without breaking up, maintaining its lubricating properties for a long time.
No metallic soaps and fatty acids
Its mineral composition, which is oil-based, has no metallic soaps and no fatty acids that make it non-conductive, therefore ideal for vehicles with ABS systems.
Wash resistant
Brembo B-Quiet is also extremely resistant to washing and to high temperatures, because it is insoluble.
Protects against corrosion
Its non-corrosive properties also make it compatible with all metals.
Tips for use
Clean the contact point between the caliper and the brake backing plate before applying the product.
Do not apply the lubricant on the braking surfaces of the rotors or pads.
Spread the product on the backing plate and on the contact points between the pad and the caliper. Attention! Do not apply on the friction material.
Distribute the lubricant evenly on the surface. Brembo B-QUIET can be removed using a cloth and/or detergent for rotor brakes.
Lubrificante B-Quiet
Brembo B-QUIET is a valid solution for lubricating not only braking system components, but also compressors, centralised lubrication systems, seat guides and sliding sunroof guides, as well as battery contacts.
Attention! The properties of Brembo B-QUIET may alter if mixed with other lubricants.