Two lines with specific friction materials
The two alternative solutions ensure extended safety, thanks to patented solutions, full accessories and an absolute control of all production stages.
Leveraging his experience in engineering friction materials for some of the finest street and race cars in the world, Brembo offers the best pad for performance, comfort, reliability and longevity.
Brembo uses up to 30 raw materials in each compound to create more than 100 different friction materials, covering LOW-MET OE equivalent and NAO ceramic families.
With more than 2.000 part numbers, the range of Aftermarket brake pads covers more than 96% of the car park.
Quality, performance and safety as per OE standards
Improved comfort and less maintenance service
A complete offer of pads
Brembo is able to satisfy the expectations of all customers, ensuring them a safe and rewarding drive, in any condition.
Brembo Parts close
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