Instructions for replacing the brake shoes on cars and light commercial vehicles

Please read and follow all instructions carefully. You’ll find the same instructions in the brake shoe pack. Remember to keep them for the entire product life cycle. Hand them over to the new owner if you sell your vehicle.

These fitting instructions are a guideline for standard repair work and do not take into consideration any special features which might apply to the different brake systems. The special instructions issued by vehicle and brake system manufacturers must be followed in detail.


Firstly accurately identify the correct reference serial number of the shoes suitable for your car, according to the year of manufacturer and braking system. Brake shoes must be replaced in the whole axle.
Replacement procedure
Before replacing the brake shoes, we recommend you pay attention to the following:
A car in the correct position and another in the incorrect position
1. Make sure that the vehicle is blocked and cannot move during repair, lift and check its stability (Fig. 1).

CAUTION! for your safety, always use suitable and reliable repair tools.

Springs securing the shoes to the back plate
2.  Remove one wheel at a time, keeping the other wheel as a reference for assembly.

CAUTION! do not operate the brake pedal after having removed the drum.

3. Disassemble the springs that secure the shoes to the back plate (Fig. 2).
Hand brake cable
4. Unhook the hand brake cable (Fig. 3).
CAUTION! check that the table is not worn or damaged; if so, it should be replaced
5. Remove the shoes and disassemble the cylinder.
Brush for cleaning and breathing in air with dust prohibition
6. Clean the plate and the drum using a damp cloth and detergent (do not use mineral-oil based detergents or similar).

CAUTION! during the cleaning phase, do not create any dust as it may be harmful to your health, if inhaled. If working indoors, please use a safety mask (Fig. 4).

CAUTION! the brake fluid contained in the cylinders is corrosive and may cause damage; handle with care, do not let spillage of brake fluid occur.
Fitting procedure
1. Reassemble the new cylinder on the back plate and screw on the brake fluid tube. 
Preassembled kit: arrows indicating how to remove the bottom stirrup
2. Only if using the PREASSEMBLED KIT: Remove the bottom stirrup (Fig. 5).
Arrows indicating where to apply grease
3. Apply some high temperature resistant grease onto the parts of the plate that come into contact with the shoes (Fig. 6).
Prohibition from applying lubricant or grease to the brake friction material or the inside of the drum
4. CAUTION!  grease should not be applied onto the brake friction material nor on the inside part of the drum, as this may compromise the correct operation of the braking system (Fig. 7).
Hand brake cable, shoes and back plate
5. Connect the hand brake cable and place the shoes on the plate (Fig. 3).
Springs to secure the shoes to the back plate
6. Secure the shoes to the back plate using the dedicated springs (Fig. 2).
Shoes to be repositioned in their seat without tampering
6. Centre the shoes in their seat, as they were originally fitted.
CAUTION! do not tamper with the automatic adjustment devices to make sure they work correctly (Fig. 8).
7.  Lightly operate the hand brake to check the correct operation of all mechanisms, and levers, then bring everything back to their initial position.
Operating the hand brake using the pedal
8. Reassemble the drum and adjust the automatic adjustment device by operating the brake pedal several times, then bleed the brake fluid circuit (Fig. 9)
IMPORTANT! the spare parts contained in this pack must not be fitted by the driver (Prohibition in accordance with Italian Law 122/92) - always contact specialist mechanics and workshops.
9. Brake shoes must be replaced in the whole axle.
General and safety information
Label signalling asbestos-free
This Brembo product has been designed to comply with all applicable safety standards. Products are not intended to be used differently from the specific use for which they have been designed and manufactured. Use for any other purpose, or any modification to or tampering with the Product can affect the performance of the Product and may render the Product unsafe.
Such modification or improper use will void the Limited Warranty, and may subject the individual so using the Product to liability for bodily injury or property damage to others.

Brake pads are subject to wear and must therefore be checked at regular intervals.

If the thickness of friction material remaining on a pad is less than 2 mm or the wear indicator lights up, replace all the pads on an axle.


Brembo EV KIT discs and Brembo EV Kit pads must always be fitted in combination with one another. Combining them with different products could jeopardise the proper functioning of the KIT.


In these instructions, the “DANGER!” warning means procedures which, if not observed, have a high degree of probability that they will cause serious injury or even death.CAUTION”” means procedures which, if not observed, could result in physical damage whereas “WARNING!” means procedures which, if not observed, could possibly cause  damage to the vehicle.



Before commencing replacement, ascertain that the spare parts are suitable for the make and model of the vehicle. This Product is vital to the safe operation of the vehicle on which it is installed, and it is intended to be installed only by a skilled, qualified individual who has been trained and/or is experienced in the installation and use for which the Product is intended.


The installer must be equipped with the proper tools of his trade, and with the knowledge and experience to deal with vehicle repairs. Improper or incorrect installation, whether caused by a failure to follow these Instructions faithfully and completely or otherwise, will void the Limited Warranty and could subject the installer to liability in the event of personal injury or property damage.

Brembo shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to or by any person operating a vehicle on which a replacement product has been improperly installed.



Replaced parts must be disposed of in accordance with the law.

It is vital to avoid sharply striking and/or damaging the Product, its parts and its components, as this can impair their efficiency and may cause them to malfunction. If necessary, replace any damaged part or component. To avoid injury we recommend the following:

  • Always wear gloves during disassembly and assembly of components with sharp edges.
  • Do not allow skin surface to make direct contact with the friction material of pads and brake shoes since this could cause abrasions.
  • Do not bring the friction material of the brake pads, discs, calipers, brake tubes, etc. into contact with greases, oils, other lubricants or mineral-oil based cleaning agents as this could lead to brake failure. If necessary, replace any parts which became contaminated. Brake pads must be replaced in axle sets.
  • Do not use any sharp tools, as inappropriate use of these might cause damage. Use special tools only (torque spanner, expanding tool, pull-out hooks, etc.).
  • Should damage be observed on any part of the braking system while working on it, it must be remedied appropriately.
Limitations de garantie
La société Brembo S.p.A. (« Fabricant ») garantit à l’utilisateur d’origine, pendant la période établie par la loi, que le Produit correspond aux spécifications indiquées et qu’il est exempt de défauts dans les matériaux et l’usinage. Si des défauts sont détectés dans les matériaux ou l’usinage du Produit et s’ils sont communiqués dans les 8 jours suivant leur découverte ou au bout d’une période plus longue selon ce qui est établi par la loi, le Produit sera, après qu’il aura été restitué au Fabricant accompagné d’un reçu certifiant sa date d'achat, et à la discrétion exclusive du Fabricant en question, réparé ou remplacé par un produit neuf ou un produit contrôlé à fond. Les présentes limitations de garantie constituent la seule garantie fournie sur ce produit. Il n’y a aucune autre garantie, explicite ou implicite, comprise (sans limitation). Les garanties de commerciabilité ou de conformité pour un usage spécifique. En cas de violation des dispositions établies par les présentes Limitations de garantie, le Fabricant décline toute responsabilité en cas de dommages accidentels ou consécutifs et il ne pourra en aucun cas être tenu pour responsable d’aucun dommage dépassant le prix d’achat payé par la partie requérante pour le Produit. Toute réclamation prévue par les présentes Limitations de garantie doit être présentée par écrit immédiatement après la découverte du défaut présumé. Par ailleurs, le Produit présumé défectueux, ou ses parties, doivent être expédiés à la Société Brembo S.p.A. au frais de l'expéditeur.

Les présentes Limitations de garantie établissent la responsabilité unique du Fabricant et elles ne peuvent en aucun cas être modifiées par le fournisseur, le distributeur ou autre partie. Les présentes Limitations de garantie sont régies et interprétées selon la législation italienne.

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