3.5 (157 kW / 214 CV) 10/02 - 11/05

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Brake pads

Braking system
Wear indicator
WVA number
21363, 21768, 21769
D530 7412, D723 7412
Exceeding the standards

Brembo Prime Brake Fluid

The Brembo Prime Brake Fluid products pass the standards applied for class 4, 5.1 and 6 brake fluid.
The product offers greater resistance against Vapour Lock, ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures.Thanks to the excellent corrosion- and oxidation-resistant properties, the Brembo brake fluids also make it possible to achieve long-term protection against alteration of fluid chemical/physical properties when in the operating circuit, thus keeping it intact.
Check the compatibility of your braking system with the brake fluid selected in the service manual of your car.
Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet for the Brembo brake fluid
Maximum guarantee for your braking system

Brembo B-quiet

High load capacity and reliability over the long term.
For the correct maintenance of your braking system, when changing the pads, always make sure that the braking components are well lubricated.Brembo B-Quiet is the brake lubricant to apply at the contact points between the caliper and the pad, Brembo B-Quiet lubricant effectively reduces braking system noise and guarantees protection of the components from corrosion.
Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet for the Brembo B-Quiet lubricant.
Brembo UPGRADE Brake fluid

Brembo UPGRADE Brake fluid

Brembo UPGRADE SPORT | EVO 500++ and GT | LCF 600 PLUS products are the ideal brake fluid for any condition
Brembo SPORT | EVO 500++, the ideal brake fluid in all conditions, fit for all, from everyday driving to non-professional use on the track.

The Brembo Racing GT | LCF 600 PLUS brake fluid has been formulated especially to guarantee the best performance levels possible and has been designed thanks to the experience of the best racing teams across the globe.