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Drums and shoes, a complete range

Performance, safety, comfort and durability

The brake drum is integrated with the shoes, available in loose and preassembled kits.
The range, composed of approximately 300 drums and 400 shoes, covers 96% of the car park and commercial vehicles in Europe.
Where provided by the Original Equipment, some brake shoes are supplied with accessory kits included in the package, and such are the drums also available with integrated bearing kits, identifiable with a specific code 14.XXXX .50 + in the section “+ Bearing” of the Brembo catalogue. The combination of both products ensures an optimal level of performance, safety, comfort and durability.
Brembo drums
Designed for the different performance requirements
As for the brake discs, Brembo has developed several manufacture solutions for brake drums, that combine various materials to reduce the overall weight of the drum.
In addition to the standard drum made of laminated iron, Brembo developed the cast iron drum with drive flange in steel and the aluminium drum in which only the inner wall of the drum on which the shoes act - the braking surface - is made of laminated iron.
Only new parts
All Brembo shoes, asbestos free, are certified ECE-R90 according to the European law. The shoes are available in the loose Standard kit or in the preassembled Kit&Fit. The Standard Kit contains all of the parts required, packaged separately, while the parts in the Kit & Fit are preassembled and ready for installation, offering maximum accuracy in the least amount of time possible.

By choosing the Kit, the installer has everything required for fast and efficient work in one kit, with braking system level of safety ensured by the use of all new and rigorously tested parts. Assembly is simple and all parts required are preassembled or available in the package.
Brembo drums and shoes packaging