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Discs with PVT Ventilation

Resistance against thermal cracks

Enhanced cooling and over 40% resistance to thermal cracks.
The Brembo patent for PVT discs changes market habits, using pillars instead of vanes in the ventilation chamber. The system improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracks by more than 40%. The most significant innovations are:
Less empty space for crack propagation
A more even distribution of pillars to vanes reduces the space available for propagation of thermal cracks on the braking surface.
More thermal exchange surface
When compared to vane-type ventilation, the pillar-type ensures a larger thermal exchange surface, thus improving heat dissipation capacity.
Greater air turbulence
Inside the ventilation chamber, the pillars help generate greater air turbulence and therefore increased cooling capacity.
Disc with PVT Ventilation
Performance, durability and efficiency
PVT PLUS is the latest technological evolution for brake disc ventilation.

The cross shape of the ventilation pillars provides greater resistance to thermal cracking, increasing braking performance while offering significant weight reduction. In order to ensure optimal heat exchange, the new PVT PLUS ventilation system also features different geometries for each specific type of disc.