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Brake Discs with UV coating

More resistance, less emissions

High corrosion resistance and respect for the environment.
The low environmental impact and the excellent resistance to corrosion allow the range of brake discs with UV coating to establish a new benchmark for the protective treatment. Moreover, the exclusive metal finish offers an appealing aesthetic impact.
  Standard painting UV Coating
Resistance to corrosion Standard painting
UV Coating
Medium Standard painting
It can contain up to 15% of volatile organic compounds VOCs
UV Coating
Total abatement of volatile organic compounds VOCs
Health Standard painting
It can contain toxins, such as methanol.
UV Coating
No health threatening components.
High resistance Standard painting
Limited chemical resistance, for instance against wheel cleaners.
UV Coating
High resistance to chemical agents.
Energy consumption Standard painting
4.67 kWh/disc
UV Coating
0.08 kWh/disc
All the pros of brake discs with UV coating
Metallic effect that gives the disc a brilliant and clean appearance
Wide range
More than 600 codes that cover the majority of the European car park.
Resistance to corrosion, moisture and temperature
Salt Spray Chamber test shows that UV brake discs resistance to corrosion exceeds the standard of most of the car manufacturers.
Water based UV paint does not require any solvents. The ultraviolet (UV) coating process is extremely efficient from an energy point of view.
Intelligent marking
The position of the marking on the hub allows the installer to immediately read the Minimum Thickness required for the replacement.
Ready for use
Ready for use and easy to install
Protective coating of the braking surface
The UV coating on the braking surface and on the outer diameter of the hub assures the complete protection of the brake disc.
Disc with UV coating
Environment friendly
Brembo takes care of the environment and your health. By choosing the UV technology, instead of a standard one, Brembo saves up to 98% in terms of energy and CO2 emissions! The process has a significant impact on the environment: 100 brake discs coated with UV technology, saves energy equal to:
1 month of heating
1 month
of heating
of a 100 m2 apartment
having energy rating C (70 kwh/m2/year)
1 year of lighting
1 year
of lighting
with a 100 w bulb
for 12 hours/day
1.000 km travelled by car
1.000 km
travelled by car
compact model
with medium consumption
55.000 cups of Expresso
cups of Expresso
to offer 2 Expresso each day
to each visitor of Automechanika