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The products in the Brembo SPORT range are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles both for normal road use as well as high performance driving.

The new Brembo SPORT | TY3 brake disc differs from the previous version with two easily recognisable features: by using Type3 slotting and the Brembo logo engraved on the braking surface. These new technical and design features are a first for a road disc. The Type3 slotting is the result of years of research and development conducted by the Brembo Racing Department and resembles the design of the discs used in the most competitive motorsports championships. This slot design has been widely used in most GT and endurance championships such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and is currently used in the WTCR World Championship.
The specific design of the slot on the braking surface enables constant cleaning of the pads’ surface which increases friction, improves performance and braking modularity resulting in more responsive and consistent braking. Compared with an original equipment disc, the new Brembo SPORT | TY3 guarantees smoother brake pedal feel, improved performance, stability and resistance to fading - a trait that is much appreciated by those who love sportier driving.
Brembo UPGRADE SPORT | จานเบรก TY3 และบรรจุภัณฑ์
The sporty nature of the Sport | TY3 disc is highlighted by the Brembo logo signature directly on the braking surface, a detail previously found only on discs used in racing applications. This enables immediate recognition of the high quality and the aesthetic refinement which have always been a hallmark of Brembo products. It also guarantees the best performance when combined with the other components in the Sport range. The SPORT | HP2 brake pad and the SPORT | EVO500++ brake fluid are both distinguishable by their silver colour.

The SPORT | TY3 brake discs are plug-and-play since they replace OE discs directly.
Brembo UPGRADE SPORT | จานเบรก TY3
From racing to the road
Widely used in professional motorsports, Type3 slotting offers superior initial response with excellent release characteristics, improving braking performance while giving the vehicle an aggressive appearance.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art features, the brake discs in the Brembo SPORT | TY3 range
combine the durability of the best road discs with the superior performance of moderate track use.
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The new Brembo SPORT | TY3 disc also guarantees the best performance when combined with the other components in the Sport range: the SPORT | HP2 brake pad and the SPORT | Evo500++ brake fluid, all silver-coloured.