30 November 2017

The new co-cast disc and two new lines of brake pads for the APAC market introduced at Automechanika

The most comprehensive automotive trade fair in the Far East was held from 29 November to 2 December and, as usual, it attracted a significant number of visitors. Shanghai holds a singular role for industry companies wanting to exhibit their products in China, a key market that registered 154 million vehicles in circulation in 2016.
Brembo introduced the new co-cast disc in its Aftermarket range, a product marked out by a high-carbon cast iron braking surface and a steel hub.
The Company also launched its two new ranges of brake pads for the Asian market: low met OE equivalent and NAO ceramic. These two unconventional products are able to satisfy every driving style while ensuring maximum safety in braking, owing to the Company's use of patented solutions and its full control over all the production stages.