Two - piece discs

The specific range for high-class cars

Parts manufactured with a customised technical approach and special solutions.

The range consist of composite discs (aluminium hat and brake surface in cast iron joined by steel pins), floating discs (aluminium hat and brake surface in cast iron joined by locking bushings) and co-cast discs (steel hat and brake surface in cast iron cast together). 

Thanks to these technological solutions, Brembo guarantees top performance also in extreme conditions, greater resistance of the brake discs, optimal driving comfort as well as a weight reduction of the braking system. The range covers premium models by some of the most important car makers such as Audi, Mercedes and Bmw.
Floating brake discs: the top of the top
The range of floating brake discs includes 26 part numbers directly derived Brembo from OE production. The range encompasses the most exclusive and top performing applications that require high-performance braking systems that can only be guaranteed by Brembo experience in racing.

Floating brake discs have an aluminium hat that ensures significant reduction of unsprung masses, with a positive effect on comfort, handling and fuel consumption/emissions. The performance of the brake system takes advantage from the union of the disc hat with the braking surface in special cast iron, by means of fastening bushes. In this way, when subjected to thermal stress, this type of brake disc allows a radial expansion of the braking surface, thus avoiding permanent deformation and tensions.
Dischi flottanti
Dischi flottanti e composti
The importance of the weight
The aluminium hat, instead of a cast iron one, allows the weight of the brake disc to be reduced by approximately 15% - 30%.
If compared with the vehicle weight, this reduction could appear marginal. However, it has a very important impact on fuel consumption, performance and car behaviour, since the brake disc is part of the vehicle's unsprung weight.
In recent years, the reduction of the vehicle weight and of the unsprung masses is one of the main targets of the car manufacturers to meet the needs of greater reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.
Brembo co-cast
Brembo co-cast
The co-cast disc is the most recent composite disc developed within the Brembo Aftermarket range. It’s used in the most recent Mercedes premium applications – for which Brembo is already the original equipment manufacturer – and it stands out because it uses a steel hat and a high-carbon content cast iron braking surface, joined together by co-casting.

Such technology not only ensures that the braking system’s performance will be high but it also reduces the disc’s weight up to 15%, therefore providing a consumption and emission reduction and an improved driving handling.

The Brembo co-cast disc, not only is perfectly interchangeable with the original disc, but it has also passed the most severe bench tests and it’s approved according to the ECE-R90 standards.