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Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the website

Brembo S.p.a., with registered office at via Brembo 25, 24035 (BG), promises to make its website accessible in conformity with Law 4 dated 9 January 2004.
This accessibility statement applies to the following website:
Conformity status
Partial conformity
Given the non-conformities listed below, this website partially conforms with the requirements specified in Annex A to standard UNI CEI EN 301549. 
Inaccessible content
The following content is not accessible for the reasons given below:
  • 1. non-compliance with Law 4 dated 9 January 2004. 
    • Success criterion 1.2.4 - Subtitles in real time; 
    • Success criterion 1.2.3 - Audio description or type of alternative media (pre-recorded); 

The website uses a YouTube plug-in to show video content. This type of content is not accessible, as there is no audio description of video titles and no automatic activation of subtitles in real time.
  • 2. non-compliance with Law 4 dated 9 January 2004.
    • Success criterion 1.1.1. - Non-text content.

The website publishes a number of images. However this type of content is not completely accessible, as some of the images do not contain equivalent alternative text and a description of their non-text content.
Preparation of the Accessibility Statement
This statement was prepared on 27 September 2022.
The information contained this statement was obtained from a self-assessment carried out directly by the information provider.
This statement was last reviewed on 27 September 2022. 
Reporting procedure and addresses of the information provider
Users may send non-conformity reports to the following e-mail address:, indicating the URL of the website, the pages considered to have non-conformities and the reasons for the report. 
The person responsible for user reports may be contacted at the above e-mail address.
Notifying the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID)
In the absence of a satisfactory reply within thirty days of sending a report or request, the person concerned can forward a report to AgID in the manner indicated on its institutional website.
Information about the website
  • Website publication date: 23/06/2020 (date last updated)
  • Have usability tests been performed? Yes
  • Was a CMS used to build the website? Yes, DataWeb (owned by XTRA S.r.l.)
Information about the organisation
1. Number of administrative employees with disabilities: 81.
2. Number of workstations for employees with disabilities: 4.