Instructions for replacing brake master cylinders

Please read and follow all instructions carefully. You’ll find the same instructions in the brake master cylinder pack. Remember to keep them for the entire product life cycle. Hand them over to the new owner if you sell your vehicle.
General Information
1. Use the brake fluid recommended by the manufacturer.
2. Brake fluid must be replaced entirely after the fluid reservoir has been thoroughly washed with methylated spirits.
3. Due to the technical nature of the product, brake master cylinders must be replaced by a qualified technician and the same will have to be proven by means of an invoice in the event of a claim.

Replacement procedure
1. If the cylinder is fitted with bleeder screws, connect the bleeder screw on the cylinder to a rubber tube and place the free end of the tube in a transparent container.
2. Remove any covers, brackets, electrical connections or other parts which could prevent the easy removal of the cylinder when loose. 
3. Slightly loosen the tube screws retaining the outlet tubes.
4. Remove the screws or the bolts securing the cylinder to the brake servo or firewall.
5. Loosen the outlet tube screws completely and pull the tubes away from the cylinder, making sure you don’t bend or deform them. Use a cloth under the cylinder to catch any fluid spillage and remove the cylinder.
6. Should any brake fluid have spilled onto paintwork, immediately wash off with water.
Fitting procedure
1. Remove the protective caps from the new cylinder.
2. Check that the servo unit outlet seal, where present, is fitted correctly and undamaged.
3. Position the cylinder (if possible, with the reservoir already in place) and carefully check that the servo push rod is correctly positioned, or that the push rod connected to the brake pedal can move freely.
4. Reinsert the cylinder assembly screws or bolts, replacing them if they are damaged. Torque settings for tightening bolts must be as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 
5. Connect the brake tube connectors, ensuring that the thread on the tube connectors and on the cylinder match. Tighten the connectors at the torque settings recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
6. Fit the reservoir and fill it with brake fluid as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. 
7. If an ABS system is installed, scrupulously follow all the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
8. Bleed the braking system according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
9. Check for any leaks in the braking system.
10. Check the brake fluid level.
11. Perform a test drive.
General and safety information
This Brembo product has been designed to comply with all applicable safety standards. Products are not intended to be used differently from the specific use for which they have been designed and manufactured. Use for any other purpose, or any modification to or tampering with the Product can affect the performance of the Product and may render the Product unsafe.
Such modification or improper use will void the Limited Warranty, and may subject the individual so using the Product to liability for bodily injury or property damage to others.
In these instructions, the “DANGER!” warning means procedures which, if not observed, have a high degree of probability that they will cause serious injury or even death. “CAUTION” means procedures which, if not observed, could result in physical damage whereas “WARNING!” means procedures which, if not observed, could possibly cause damage to the vehicle.

Before commencing replacement, ascertain that the spare parts are suitable for the make and model of the vehicle. This Product is vital to the safe operation of the vehicle on which it is installed, and it is intended to be installed only by a skilled, qualified individual who has been trained and/or is experienced in the installation and use for which the Product is intended.
The installer must be equipped with the proper tools of his trade, and with the knowledge and experience to deal with vehicle repairs. Improper or incorrect installation, whether caused by a failure to follow these Instructions faithfully and completely or otherwise, will void the Limited Warranty and could subject the installer to liability in the event of personal injury or property damage.
It is essential that you replace the brake discs for each axle, taking them from the same box. Every time you replace the discs also replace the related pads.
Avoid contact of grease and other lubricants with the braking surfaces of the disc and pads as this could affect the efficiency of the braking system.
Brembo shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to or by any person operating a vehicle on which a replacement product has been improperly installed.
Replaced parts must be disposed of in accordance with the law.
It is vital to avoid sharply striking and/or damaging the Product, its parts and its components, as this can impair their efficiency and may cause them to malfunction. If necessary, replace any damaged part or component. To avoid injury we recommend the following:
  • Always wear gloves during disassembly and assembly of components with sharp edges.
  • Do not allow skin surface to make direct contact with the friction material of pads and brake shoes since this could cause abrasions.
Bu Ürünün, üreticinin spesifikasyonlarına uygun olduğunu ve malzeme ve işçilik ayıpları içermediğini garanti ederiz. Garanti süresi, satın alma tarihinden itibaren iki yıl veya kanunların öngördüğü daha uzun bir süre ile sınırlıdır. Garanti süresi, satın alma tarihinden itibaren iki yıl veya kanunların öngördüğü daha uzun bir süre ile sınırlıdır. Bir kusur tespit edilmesi halinde, tespit edilmesini müteakip 60 gün içinde ve satın alma tarihinden itibaren iki yıl içinde bildirilmelidir. Kusurun doğrulanması ve garanti kapsamına girmesi halinde, Ürün, tamir edilir veya yeni ya da tamamen yenilenmiş bir Ürün ile değiştirilir. Kısmen veya tamamen yanlış kullanım, yangın, kimyasal aşınma, kötüye kullanım veya kullanım amacı dışında kullanım, uygun olmayan bir model üzerinde kullanım, yanlış montaj veya üretici tarafından belirtilenin haricinde montaj ya da Ürünün Üretici tarafından talimatlarda belirtilen şekilde bakımının yapılmamasından kaynaklanan hasarlar, garanti kapsamı dışındadır.

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