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One of the most important presences in the Brembo group is the Marchesini brand, a leader in the research, design and development of wheels for motorcycles both for top world championships and road use. Working together with Brembo on technological innovation, research into materials and manufacturing processes has resulted in iconic products which are sought after by thousands of enthusiasts because of their unique characteristics.

For particularly demanding use, such as on SuperMotard and Off-Road tracks, Marchesini has designed specially adapted wheels. SuperMotard spoked wheels offer high rigidity, low weight and minimal inertia, while the spoked motocross wheels have a strong technical content for optimising and modernising the architecture of traditional spoked wheels. With the wheels dedicated to SuperMotard and Off-Road, which are the result of continuous research and an orientation towards experimentation, Marchesini once again demonstrates its ability to adapt its experience and know-how to the most diverse requirements.
M10RR Kompe Motard
This one-piece wheel designed specifically for SuperMotard competitions best expresses Marchesini’s innate capacity for progress and advancement.

Compared to common spoke wheels, the M10RR has several strengths. The high reduction of weight and rolling inertia, both around 15%, significantly improve the handling of the bike in turns and thanks to the decrease of the gyroscopic effect braking and acceleration distances are reduced. Also, the use of tubeless tyres implies a further decrease in weight and no risk of puncture.

The increase in flexural and torsional stiffness of the wheel, around 100%, improves riding along winding routes typical of SuperMotard.

Based on all this, it is only natural that Marchesini has dominated the AMA championship for years as well as taking victories at the Los Angeles X-Games.
Marchesini M10RR black 10 spoke motorbike rims
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