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Brembo Racing UPGRADE discs, designed and tested to work best with pads, combine effective and consistent performance in extreme use with a decidedly low weight. The materials used and the special processes employed guarantee a significant increase in braking power, extreme resistance to prolonged thermal-mechanical stress and absolute uniformity in performance.
Brembo discs, with their unmistakable racing look, offer the highest performance in every situation.
T-drive motorbike brake discs
T-Drive discs derive from experience in MotoGP and Superbike and are easy to distinguish through the coupling between band and hub, achieved using eight T pins to replace the conventional drive pawls.

Through a specific study of the tolerances, this conformation allows, in addition to a significant weight reduction, a floatation, both radial and axial, capable of transmitting greater braking torque.

This disc also offers excellent resistance to thermal-mechanical stress, especially in extreme conditions of use, like in races.
T-drive discs are available for the most popular maxisport models with no need for modifications.
Supersport motorbike brake discs
Supersport discs were developed to provide the highest performance, both on the road and on the track, for the most popular European and Japanese maxisport bikes. In combination with Brembo Z04 pads, these discs have won numerous Supersport World Championships.

Supersport discs are available with a braking surface height of 34 mm and thickness uprated to 5.5 mm, interchangeable with the originals with no need for modifications.

Completely floating, they consist of the heat-treated steel band, capable of withstanding extreme thermal-mechanical stress, and the aluminium alloy hub carved from a billet.
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