Repair kit for brake calipers

For professional-standard maintenance

Brake calipers feature some internal parts which can wear and deteriorate with time, due to both normal sliding friction and owing to the weather and to the presence of salt and chemical agents on the roads which may lead to the corrosion of the rubber and metallic parts of the calipers.
Now these components can be replaced with new, Brembo quality components, to ensure the brake calipers continue to work in total safety and to ensure maximum performance levels for the braking system.
Brembo offers spare parts professionals a choice of 4 families of kits, comprising caliper components most subject to wear and deterioration, such as:
  • the sliding guide pins on floating calipers
  • the dust covers
  • the piston seals
  • the pistons themselves

The range comprises more than 300 repair kits, a complete set of new components for rapid, safe and professional repairs.
Brake caliper repair kit components and packaging