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One of the most important presences in the Brembo group is the Marchesini brand, a leader in the research, design and development of wheels for motorcycles both for top world championships and road use. Working together with Brembo on technological innovation, research into materials and manufacturing processes has resulted in iconic products which are sought after by thousands of enthusiasts because of their unique characteristics. ​​
Every motorcyclist knows the importance of lightness and the value of rigidity. This combination, paired coupled with an unmistakable style, has always distinguished the Marchesini brand, as demonstrated by the M7RS Genesi, made using state-of-the-art design, structural analysis and testing methods.

The material used, multi-directional forging and use of optimized dies on the final wheel geometry result in an extremely light wheel. The reduction in weight compared with the original equipment ranges from 2.8 kg to 5.8 kg, depending on the motorbike model.

This is a big difference, amounting to 26-41%, which significantly increases acceleration, reduces braking distances and allows quicker turning into corners. All this is done without having to sacrifice anything in terms of safety, guaranteed by the strict controls and numerous tests carried out on each wheel.

At a lower cost, you can buy the M7RS Genesi wheel which features the iconic 7 spokes and uses aluminium instead of magnesium. Here too, the multi-directional forging and use of optimized dies guarantee a 16-33% reduction in weight.

The M10RS wheel is available for those who want forged magnesium but also a more traditional design. The use of 3 more spokes results in a slight increase in weight which remains however 25-40% below that of the OE wheels.
Marchesini M7RS Genesi black 7 spoke motorbike rims
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