20 October 2017


Brembo confirm itself a pioneer not only in technology, but also in design.

This year on the Brembo stand at IAA the countless possible brake caliper colour personalisations have been on display, along with the countless past, current and future colour versions that have always reinforced the Brembo identity, becoming a distinctive and characteristic element of style today, unique and unmistakeable.

Matching two colours is a true science. This is a challenge that Brembo has accepted since the ‘90s and that, over time, has made colour one of the typical characteristics of its current brake calipers.
In fact, it was in those years that Brembo introduced the first red painted calipers on an extremely high range vehicle made by a well-known German manufacturer, thereby transforming a “simple” mechanical product into a true design icon which would later even be awarded as a work of art.

It was not by chance that Kandinsky said: “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”, a statement that goes well with the bond between colour and Brembo. The first colour used 25 years ago - red - has always been synonymous with high performance - and still today contributes to enhancing the performance and characteristics of vehicles fitted with Brembo calipers.

But many other shades of colour have become associated with different characteristics, too. For example, the many shades of yellow and gold are often synonymous with carbon ceramic disc systems, and there are various tones of sporty and elegant blue, as well as all the shades of grey that are available today.

In addition to the range that is already in the catalogue, which includes more than 100 different colours, Brembo is also able to offer brand new shades and to meet the particular requests of car manufacturers which are increasingly more attentive to the details of their vehicles, seeking to impress the end customer with newer and newer characteristics and distinctive details. Colour is undoubtedly an extremely characteristic element of the vehicle, even in its smallest details.

Brembo has focused and emphasized the use of colour to connote and reinforce the distinctive character of each vehicle, certainly also aided in this endeavor by more and more open alloy wheels that more easily show the braking system and its components.
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