31 March 2021

Revelia: the Brembo e-commerce platform in China

Launch of the first site for the consumer market that allows you to purchase Brembo Aftermarket products directly. One more step towards turning the company into a big Solution Provider.

Revelia: the Brembo e-commerce platform in China
www.brembostore.cn, Brembo’s first e-commerce platform, has been online since March 31. It is operating for the Chinese consumer market and is targeted at all automotive and Brembo-brand enthusiasts who want to choose products from the Group’s Aftermarket range in complete freedom, from discs to pads and brake fluid. If they wish, they can request the assistance of Customer Service from within the platform.
The site fully reflects the culture, design and style of the company, starting with name of the platform itself: Revelia. It’s appealing and a little mysterious, indicating creativity, innovation and Premium positioning, in keeping with the company’s story and highlighting Brembo’s characteristic Italian style.
“Revelia boosts our consumer targets and represents another step in Brembo’s new journey to become a Solution Provider,” said Daniele Schillaci, Brembo’s Chief Executive Officer. “China is the first market in the world in which Revelia is operating. Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific markets are the three pillars of Brembo’s activity, and China plays a central role in the Asia-Pacific sector in terms of our future growth.”
Revelia promotes the concept of community and encourages car users and enthusiasts to pursue high-quality experiences, share product knowledge and inspire one another. That is why the platform offers an uninterrupted adventure to enjoy the complete product range, Brembo news and fans gallery, showing off the culture of the brand and Brembo style.
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