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Style and performance

The most comprehensive range of oversized braking systems on the market

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) discs provide outstanding braking power in everyday traffic, along with high performance driving on the road and on the track.
Whether you want to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle or enhance the performance of its braking system, Brembo Upgrade has the right solution.
These complete braking systems comprise of components derived from the world of motorsports and offer unrivalled levels of technology in the market. They incorporate the purest form of state-of-the-art technology by Brembo.

The systems use aluminium calipers with increasing performance and specifications, depending on the vehicle’s braking system, combined with oversized brake discs with the same amount of dedicated characteristics. 
Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand maximum performance from their vehicle, these systems offer exceptional performance along with a truly sporty look.
The heart and soul of racing, in a box
Brembo systems are designed to offer the perfect solution for the individual characteristics of every model: they feature aluminium radial-mounted fixed calipers, with opposing pistons.

Depending on the type of system and the required performance level, the calipers can either be in two-parts, monoblock or even monoblock from solid billet metal

The oversized brake discs can be one-piece or composite, drilled or slotted.
An assembled UPGRADE GT kit

Always the best match for your vehicle!

Colour is without a doubt an important distinguishing feature of your vehicle, even down to the smallest detail. Brembo has focused on using colour to distinguish and reinforce the distinctive identity of every vehicle. 
We have been aided by the increasingly exposed alloy wheel rims which increases the visibilty of the braking system and its components. 

Twenty-five years of innovation in colour which once again ranks Brembo as pioneers, not just in technology, but in design too. 

With a combination of painted calipers available in a variety of different colours and in combination with a distinctive Brembo logo and cross-shaped slotted or drilled discs, the Gran Turismo kit will give your vehicle a distinctive sporty and eye-catching look, offering that extra special touch for drivers who want their vehicle to stand out in the crowd.
The Calipers in the UPGRADE GT kit in blue, gold, white, yellow, green and red
To each their own calipers

Here is the range of calipers which, depending on the vehicle, that are included in the GT kit

GT | A calipers
GT | A
Derived directly from the most popular Brembo OE applications, the GT|A 2-part calipers combine easy installation with great performance.
GT | M calipers
GT | M
Monoblock calipers specifically devised to offer superior performance levels during both normal road use and on more challenging days on the track, with a unique style thanks to the exclusive Brembo design.
GT | BM calipers
The most recent expression of style and technology. BM calipers feature a brand-new design and styling, further extending the technical capabilities of the Brembo GT Upgrade range.
GT | S calipers
GT | S
The calipers derived from the Brembo M6 and M4, which are racing inspired, are perfect for club race enthusiasts or fans of weekend track days wishing to improve the efficiency of their braking. The hard anodised body, with racing-style radiators and recessed dust seals, offers the best combination of performance and long-lasting use on the track. They feature the racing-style Brembo logo, engraved in red, similar to all the brand’s competition products.
GT | R calipers
GT | R
The top of the Brembo GT range. Monoblock caliper body machined from solid billet metal with a nickel finish borrowed straight from racing calipers used in Formula 1 and NASCAR. Their features include racing-style radiators and recessed dust seals just like the GT|S line. These calipers are designed for the most challenging performance, while retaining a completely unique style.
Each to their own disc
Find out which oversized discs are available in the GT kits
GT | D brake discs
GT | D
These discs are distinguished by a unique slot design which combine an eye-catching look with brilliant performance and efficient braking in any condition. Available in one-piece or floating 2-part.
GT | TY1 brake discs
GT | TY1
TY1 brake discs are distinguished by 8 straight slots that provide superior initial response (bite) with a good pedal feel. These discs provide improved pedal feel and modulation. Available in one-piece or floating 2-part.
GT | TY3 brake discs
GT | TY3
TY3 brake discs are distinguished by aggressive slotting that provides superior initial response (bite) with a good pedal feel. The discs originate directly from Brembo’s experience in high-end racing and offer improved pedal feel and modulation. Available with or without the Brembo logo.
UPGRADE GT kit contents and packaging
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