Are Brembo spare parts interchangeable and compatible with original equipment components?

All Brembo spare parts are OE equivalent, in accordance with EC Regulation 461/2010, meaning that they are fully interchangeable and compatible with the original components on your car.
Brembo spare parts for your car are original equipment equivalent, meaning that they can be used to replace the relative original component. This is in compliance with EC Regulation 461/2010, which permits the use of OE equivalent components for the maintenance of vehicles even during the warranty period without compromising the validity of the warranty itself.

Boasting over 50 years of experience as a partner for the world's most prestigious carmakers, Brembo develops and produces its aftermarket range products with the same care and precision dedicated to original equipment parts.

All the Brembo production plants where both OE products and spare parts products are manufactured are approved by the relative carmakers.

From design and engineering to the foundry, from machining to distribution and from the development of friction material compounds to the pressing process, Brembo monitors every stage in the production process in painstaking detail to ensure that its products comply fully with the most exacting quality standards of the world's leading carmakers.
Brembo plant showing the assembly line and machines used

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