Why do some of the Xtra range discs have pass-through holes while others have blind holes (dimples)?

Before buying one of Brembo's products please check if it's compatible with your car.
The holes on the braking surface are typical of Brembo's Xtra range discs. They improve the system's performance in terms of initial grip, pedal feeling, fade resistance and heat dissipation capacity.

The Xtra discs can provide design solutions that differ from those of the disc's original design according to the type of application they are used for (car model, maximum speed, weight and engine power). This in terms of material being used and of the holes' number, type and pattern on the braking surface.

In some cases, the “blind holes” solution (dimples) has been preferred in place of the pass-through holes, while in other cases a special material capable of improving the resistance to the thermomechanical stress the disc undergoes has been duly chosen. 
Brembo discs with blind holes: Code 0891631X
Dimples. Part number 0891631X
Brembo discs with through holes: Code 09B3521X
Pass-through holes. Part number 09B3521X
All this has been done not only to assure the product's highest performance but also to maintain the same safety features of the original disc.

It's thanks to these custom solutions per code and application and to the many tests carried out on the chassis dynamometers and on the road that all the Xtra range part numbers are ECE-R90 approved. This allows and assures a completely safe road use.

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