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SPORT | HP2 brake pads

Ultimate reliability

Brembo Racing | SPORT | HP2 brake pads and packaging

Reliable even in extreme conditions

Brembo Racing | SPORT | HP2 brake pads are designed and tested prevalently for sports use on the road and they constitute the first level of upgrade for any braking system.

This product is intended for drivers with sporting ambitions and, more generally, for all those who want to get the most value out of their vehicle. These brake pads stand out for their quality construction and the use of state-of-the-art materials which only Brembo can guarantee. They offer outstanding performance levels even without being pre-heated and at low speed, thanks to a specific material that generates constant friction across the entire temperature range. In addition to providing improved performance levels, this material ensures outstanding silent operation and increased durability for both the brake disc and the pad itself. 

Designed to be interchangeable with original equipment brake pads (OE), they are approved to ECE-R90.
HP2 performance
Brembo Racing | SPORT brake pads also stand out for the high pedal modularity index, which grants total control over the braking action.

They work best at temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees, but they are built to withstand much higher temperatures, up to 600 degrees, and are designed to guarantee outstanding performance levels, while retaining a suitable level of comfort. These are the most recommended brake pads for drivers who demand the best performance when braking, even during everyday use, and they guarantee even greater efficiency if they are teamed up with the related Brembo Racing brake discs.
Performance graph for Brembo Racing | SPORT | HP2 brake pads
ECE R90 icon for road use
for road use
All the part numbers in the Brembo Racing | SPORT | HP2 range are approved for road use
in accordance with ECE R-90.
More than 200 part numbers in the range icon
More than 200
part numbers in the range
The HP2 range of brake pads was designed specifically for the SPORT | TY3 range of brake discs.
Brembo logo pad printing icon
Brembo logo distinguishing
the pad
The pad printing on the shim is further proof of the recognisability and exclusiveness of the brake pads SPORT | HP2
New look and name for Brembo Sport brake pads
The first SPORT | HP2 brake pads, replacing the SPORT | HP2000 pads, will be marketed with brand new graphics: silver shim with white pad printing, and black back plate. For a limited amount of time, both the SPORT | HP2 and the SPORT | HP2000 brake pads will coexist, until all stocks of the latter run out.
The modification involves a re-branding of the HP2000 series: the SPORT | HP2 brake pads will in fact retain the highest standards of quality and performance you are accustomed to.
Brembo Racing | SPORT | HP2 brake pads
Please note the difference in the packaging: HP2000 will be in a red box, HP2 will be packed in a black box.
Please note the difference in the packaging: HP2000 will be in a red box, HP2 will be packed in a black box.
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