Brake pads

Every bike deserves Brembo

Brembo brake pads represent the best in terms of performance, comfort and durability.

Brembo brake pads are available for over 6000 applications, with a wide variety of compounds, from organic resins to sintered and carbon-ceramic pads.
Brembo can cater to the specific needs of all types of motorcycles – from racing and street-legal bikes to city and off-road – and fulfil the expectations of every rider.
Brembo Greenance pads: let’s ride into a greener future
Brembo Greenance pads are produced with eco-sustainable materials for an environmentally friendly product, with a significant reduction of the emissions.
Greenance pad compounds are developed without copper and nickel, and for ceramic compounds without asbestos and antimony.
Genuine Sinter and Carbon Ceramic
Chosen by motorbike manufacturers worldwide, these materials are developed by Brembo for original equipment.
Genuine brake pads are available in different compounds, each with a different friction coefficient. For sintered material, the coefficient varies from 50 to 99, whereas for carbon ceramic it varies from 10 to 49. The higher the value, the higher the friction coefficient of that particular compound.
Sinter and Carbon Ceramic motorbike brake pads
RC compound brake pad
RC Compound
A compound designed solely for track use.
The main characteristics of this compound are high friction and stability as both the speed and operating temperature vary, typical of track use. It also generates reduced wear, despite intensive use.  
SR compound brake pad
SR Compound
Sintered compound for sports use on the track and the road. The good friction coefficient and stability at high temperatures allow constant braking from the first to last lap, also guaranteeing superior performance in all conditions of road use.
SA compound brake pad
SA Compound Greenance
This is a sintered compound, specific for front applications, characterised by excellent efficiency in all conditions of use. It is an ideal alternative to original brake pads, both when cold and when hot. This compound ensures good friction coefficient stability in various conditions of use and reduced wear.
LA compound brake pad
LA Compound
LA sintered compound is specific for front applications and can be identified by the small white plate. Made with a compound designed for road use, it is characterised by excellent efficiency in all conditions of use. The Sinter component in this brake pad generates a high friction coefficient both cold and hot, as well as outstanding performance in terms of responsiveness. It also guarantees excellent braking stability and average durability of the brake pad (approximately 30% longer than SA).
Carbon Ceramic compound brake pad
CC Compound Greenance
This is the evolution of the organic compound, using more carbon. High mileage and good performance both hot and cold, dry and wet, characterise this friction material.
SP compound brake pad
SP Compound Greenance
This is a sintered compound, specific for rear applications and stable in all conditions of use. It is characterised by a constant friction coefficient in all conditions of use, combined with low wear which ensures durability and adequate mileage.
Off Road
SX compound brake pad
SX Compound
This sintered compound is designed for both Off-Road and SuperMotard applications. Of all the off-road compounds, it offers the highest friction coefficients, ensuring maximum efficiency and consistent performance in the varied conditions of use that a bike has to handle off-road, and on, variations in temperature and the toughest conditions of use (water, sand, mud) which characterise these applications. 
SD compound brake pad
SD Compound Greenance
This sintered compound provides an excellent compromise with lower friction coefficients compared to the SX compound, but which ensures good stability in various conditions of use. It is particularly suited to Enduro applications, as it ensures superior controllability.
TT compound brake pad
TT Compound Greenance
Semi-metallic matrix Carbon Ceramic is suitable for use in off-road applications and in particular on road surfaces with poor grip, thanks to its superior controllability.
Scooter Greenance
XS compound brake pad
SX Compound
The SX sintered compound can be used for both front and rear applications. Designed to equip the latest generation maxi scooters, it is characterised by extremely easy running-in. It ensures superior stability as speed varies, including in urban use, where the typical braking of a Scooter is quite different from that of a motorbike.
Carbon Ceramic compound brake pad
CC Compound
The semi-metallic organic compound shows lower friction coefficient values than the SX compound but it ensures high stability and controllability, proving particularly suited to small and medium displacement scooters.
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