Dedicated material, technical tools

The technical instruments offered exclusively to After Market professionals

Brembo Expert
The technical tools dedicated to Brembo Expert professionals allow the vehicle to be repaired and put back on the road in complete safety
Reserved for Brembo Expert professionals, technical tools allow you to operate in greater safety since the latest checks are conducted before the vehicle is placed on the road: in particular, you can check the oscillation of the braking surface of a new disc and choose the correct tightening torque. In addition a universal release system is provided to work on vehicles fitted with particular parking position systems.
Metrology kit comprising a Centesimal Micrometer, Centesimal Comparator with clock and Magnetic Base
Metrology Kit
The kit allows the oscillations of the braking surface of a new disc to be measured with maximum accuracy: if the value is higher than the one defined by the manufacturer, after a few thousand kilometres vibrations could occur during braking, that may compromise the correct operation of the system.
Brembo Open Brake: tool to release the braking system
Brembo Open Brake
On vehicles fitted with electronic parking brake EPB or electro-hydraulic system SBC, the braking system locks up when the is engine off, making it impossible for maintenance or repairs to be carried out without the release system provided by the manufacturer. Brembo Open Brake allows you to operate using a single instrument DPS-300.
Table of tightening torques
Tightening torque
Adequate tightening of the wheels should be carried out by setting a specific torque on the torque wrench, generally indicated in the vehicle maintenance booklet; anything other than optimum values will cause significant safety risks. Brembo provides a summary table of the values that should be used.
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