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In compliance with European safety regulations, certified in observance of all the strictest international standards.

Brembo checks all phases of the production process: design, development, testing, casting, processing, assembly, distribution and assistance. The production of original components is carried out in productive site approved by the car manufacturers; in the same plants, Brembo also manufactures Aftermarket products that have the same high technological value as the original components.
The entire disc and drum range ECE R 90 approved
Since November 2016, the new R90-02 version of the UNECE R 90 regulation also requires approval for brake discs and drums developed as spare parts on newly registered vehicles.
Brembo, who have already been certifying their discs for more than 15 years with ABE approval, gladly acknowledged the introduction of the new European regulation that provides a unified standard, recognised by all countries.
Not only were the components on new vehicles approved straight away, but so was the entire range of Brembo discs and drums, which is made up of more than 2,200 items, for 97% coverage of the vehicles on the road in Europe.
Brembo Xtra and Brembo Max discs
Brembo Xtra and Max: download the certificate

Our sports range discs, Brembo Max and Brembo Xtra are structurally and visibly different than the originals. This is why ECE R90 approval is compulsory in many countries in order to install them. To download the certificate, you must enter the code of the product you would like to purchase in the “Search by code” filter and access the details page for that product.

If ECE-R90 approval is not yet available for the Brembo Max discs, we recommend ensuring, before purchasing, that your application is included on the list of approved vehicles on the ABE KBA certificate, also available on the details page of the code to be purchased.
Reliability and safety of the pads
The range of Brembo pads offers more than 1,500 articles ECE R 90 approved. ECE R 90 certification is part of the 98/12/EC directive, applied and acknowledged by all European markets. The pads have a different abbreviation (E1, E2, E4…) depending on the country that has issued the certification. The certification is valid in all European countries.
Certification that attests the OE spare parts quality pursuant to EC Regulation 461/2010.
REACH regulates the use of chemicals in the processing of the discs, especially the coated.
Certification for exportation to Eurasian Customs Union countries: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
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