Brembo X-Style Calipers

A splash of colour for your wheels!

The solution for true fans

The X-Style range of calipers is dedicated to car owners who are passionate and care deeply about all the aspects of their vehicle; they are the ideal solution for those who love to customise their car with the elegance of the Brembo aluminium calipers and that touch of originality provided by colour.

Brembo X-Style originate directly from the brand’s experience and know-how accrued with original equipment: hence the new range of fixed aluminium calipers, designed to accommodate the need for customisation combined with the fundamental characteristics of quality, reliability and performance.
Brembo Xtra red Calipers
X-Style Kit
Developed for some of the most successful recent Mercedes models on the market, Brembo calipers are available in kit format, in other words two fixed Brembo aluminium calipers and two complete sets of assembly accessories (springs and pins).

The calipers are available in 4 colours: yellow, red, black and grey, but other colours are available upon request.
Brembo Xtra red and yellow Calipers
Brembo Xtra grey and black Calipers

The perfect calipers for your Mercedes

Put a stamp on your style with the Brembo X-Style calipers dedicated to your vehicle

C CLASS SEDAN (W205) 07/13 ->
C CLASS T-MODEL (S205) 09/14 ->
C CLASS COUPE’ (C205) 10/15 ->
GLC CLASS SUV (X253) 06/15 ->
GLC CLASS COUPE’ (C253) 06/16 ->
E CLASS SEDAN (W213) 01/16 ->
E CLASS T-MODEL (S213) 01/16 ->
E CLASS COUPE’ (C238) 12/16 ->
CLS CLASS COUPE’ (C257) 12/17 ->