Brembo Prime Brake Pads

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The new solution by Brembo for your heavy vehicle

Backed by its many years of experience in supplying original equipment for commercial vehicles, Brembo is for the first time presenting the AM with a range of brake pads dedicated to heavy vehicles. 
Brembo’s new range consists of approximately 90 articles which provide 95% coverage for the European fleet of vehicles. 

Developed further to enhance the performance of the brake disc, the Brembo CV brake pads for commercial vehicles stand out for the use of choice compounds, which thanks to the blend of 30 different components guarantee the best performance levels even in the toughest conditions for various types of vehicle (lorries, buses, trailers and articulated lorries) and use.
Brembo Prime commercial vehicle brake pads and accessories
Thanks to a special surface layer, Brembo brake pads guarantee braking with 100% efficiency as early as the first few uses, avoiding the fading effect for newly fitted pads and reducing the braking distance during the run-in of the vehicle.

Brembo brake pads are supplied with all the necessary accessories for fast, complete and safe replacement of the vehicle’s braking system.

ProTecS® technology

The premium solution from the world of OE.

A choice range of Brembo brake pads, it uses ProTecS® by Knorr Bremse technology, which thanks to the special spring connection to the brake pad plate allows optimum brake pad guidance, reducing the residual torque and increasing the durability of the friction material, especially when used on uneven road surfaces.
Brake pads with ProTecS® technology
Brembo Prime commercial vehicle brake pad packaging
Technical characteristics
  • A selection of 18 different friction materials to meet the specific requirements of every vehicle
  • Higher friction coefficient from the very first use of the brakes
  • Shorter braking distance during the vehicle run-in period
  • Greater durability of brake pads
  • Safe spring retention on the brake pad
  • No risk of re-using worn springs
  • Rapid and safe replacement
  • Designed for optimum use with the Brembo brake disc
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