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Brembo offers a wide range of radial master cylinders and adjustable levers engineered to replace and improve the original system. The Brembo Racing and UPGRADE brake master cylinders are made using state-of-the-art procedures and processes for superior operation and performance. The Brembo Racing and UPGRADE brake and clutch master cylinders are available in two versions – Radial and Radial RCS – both easily applicable to all the most popular brands, including Japanese and European maxisport bikes, custom bikes, Café Racers and Off-Road bikes.
The origins
The Brembo radial brake master cylinder is more responsive for more controllable braking power in all conditions. The result is an excellent linear progression between the force applied by the rider on the lever and the braking response, resulting in a unique and inimitable braking feeling. The aluminium alloy master cylinder bodies are forged and machined on CNC equipment or carved from a billet to achieve maximum technological and performance.
The oxidised surface treatment normally used in MotoGP and Superbike was chosen as the finish. Brembo radial master cylinders are available with various piston diameters and lever offset to meet the rider's needs for tailored solutions.
The levers are also available in STD and folding versions and various lengths for the best feeling.
Brembo RCS radial brake master cylinder
RCS Radial
Road or Racing, always the best feeling
With the Brembo RCS radial master cylinder you can choose powerful or gradual braking, according to the road conditions and the weather, your sensitivity and the feeling of your bike. The innovative adjustment system of this patented master cylinder, derived directly from the version used in MotoGP, means that the same master cylinder can be adapted to different uses for even the most demanding motorcyclists. Created precisely to carry over MotoGP and Superbike technology and offer it to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere, the Brembo RCS radial master cylinder is the next frontier in high-performance brake components, in terms of technical content and style.
The RCS system has an adjuster for changing the lever offset to 18 or 20 mm and achieving the ideal feeling between rider and motorbike. By varying the offset, the braking system can be made more responsive and prompt (20 mm) or more gradual (18 mm). Changing the configuration is very quick. With the cam system (red on 18 mm, black on 20 mm), a screwdriver is all it takes to adjust the master cylinder offset by turning the adjuster on the front of the guide lever by 180°. This result is a different brake force distribution that does not change the pure power.

The piston, gaskets and push rod of the RCS master cylinders are the same as the master cylinders used by almost all MotoGP and Superbike champions, characterised by very stringent machining tolerances and excellent smoothness.
The RCS radial master cylinder is available in two versions with 19 mm or 15 mm diameter piston. The 19RCS must be used on 4-piston non-floating twin disc systems, while the 15RCS can be used on single or twin disc systems with 4-piston calipers with floating calipers. A specific microswitch is provided to switch on the brake light for using the brake master cylinder on the road.
RCS CORSA CORTA, the evolution
The RCS CORSA CORTA is a further evolution of the radial master cylinder concept, combining numerous innovations with the technical solutions implemented in the master cylinders used in MotoGP. The main innovation is the possibility of adapting the position of the braking bite point, to achieve the perfect riding feeling, using an easily accessible selector located on the top of the master cylinder.
The selector can be set to one of three different feeling maps by means of a cam:
NORMAL map - identified by the letter N, this setting provides a more gradual initial phase and is suitable for driving in city traffic or braking in low-grip conditions.
SPORT map - identified by the letter S, this setting shortens the initial phase, compared to the N setting, for more dynamic response and a sportier ride.
RACE map - identified by the letter R, this setting shortens initial phase to even further to the minimum equal to that of the master cylinders used in MotoGP. This third map is ideal for a racing riding style.
Pair of Brembo RCS CORSA CORTA brake master cylinders
Red Dot Design Award 2019 logo
Experience and expertise to get straight to the point
The Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA radial master cylinder won the Red Dot Award for high design quality: Product Design 2019.
The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the most important design competitions in the world. Engineers and manufacturers from 55 countries took part in the competition submitting more than 5,500 products in 2019. The international panel of experts from various backgrounds has been meeting for over 60 years to select the best projects of the year. During a selection process lasting several days, they test the products, discuss them and finally come to an agreement based on the design quality of the submitted projects. True to the motto “In search of good design & innovation”, their ranking focuses on criteria that include innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity and ergonomics.
Pompa radiale RCS Brembo
The Brembo RCS CORSA CORTA range is being expanded with the introduction of the RR - Race Replica available in two versions for brake and clutch. Carved from a billet, like the master cylinders used in MotoGP and SBK, the RCS Corsa Corta RR has been stylistically modified to make it lighter and even more similar to the racing versions. 
The hard black oxidised surface finish confers considerable wear resistance and smoothness to the components of the master cylinder body. The float and seals are the same as those used in MotoGP, like the bleeding and feeding system seats, which are inclined at an angle of more than 30° for easier bleeding of the master cylinder.
The lever shape has been modified and retains the key feature for which it is famous among enthusiasts of allowing the rider to adapt the position of the braking bite point to achieve the perfect riding feeling using a selector located on the top of the master cylinder. Three different feeling maps are available (Normal, Sport, Race).
The new RCS Corsa Corta RR features the newly introduced Brembo logo with smoother, more rounded shapes that appeal to the digital native generation.
The RCS Corsa Corta RR brake won the Red Dot 2023 award.
Application List available soon.
Explanatory diagram of the adjustments of the Brembo RCS CORSA CORTA brake master cylinder 
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