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Brake pads are the smallest solid component in the braking system but one of the most subjected to stress and it is therefore vital to choose the right compound, especially if you are used to travelling hundreds of miles at a time and tens of thousands of miles a year.
For track enthusiasts who also use their bikes on the road too, Brembo has developed the new Z10 pad, available for the most popular supersport bikes. This is the entry-level alternative compound to the iconic Z03 and Z04, as demonstrated by the particularly competitive price.
Motorbike brake pad for road use
Made of sintered material, they consist of special compounds, agglomerated together through a glue-free sintering process. Due to the compounds used, the friction coefficient is higher than 0.7 already at 50°C and does not fall below this threshold until a temperature of 400°C is reached.
The lubricants added to the initial compound ensure consistent, smooth braking even when disc temperatures are high. This makes brake fading, i.e. the loss of braking efficiency, less likely. Abrasives also help to keep friction levels high by keeping the discs clean and removing deposits on the braking surface.
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