Brembo Prime Discs

Stronger and more durable

The new solution by Brembo for heavy vehicle professionals

Backed by its many years of experience in supplying original equipment, Brembo offers heavy vehicle professionals a complete range of brake discs integrated with two novel features: brake discs with CO-CAST technology and RING discs, made in its European production plants.
Brembo Prime commercial vehicle brake disc packaging
Brembo’s new range comprises approximately 100 articles to cover 85% of the European fleet of vehicles. 

Thanks to the finest technologies designed and tested in our R&D labs, such as the patented pillar ventilation, the use of specific materials developed solely for heavy vehicles, and composite co-cast and ring disc technology, Brembo brake discs afford greater heat dissipation and more resistance to thermal cracking, extending the durability of both the brake disc and the brake pad, even in the harshest conditions.
Co-cast and RING discs
Brembo’s range of CO-CAST and RING discs are supplied with all the necessary accessories for fast, complete and safe replacement of the vehicle’s braking system.
RING brake disc
RING disc
Distinguished by a technological solution that permits the replacement of just  
the braking surface, is supplied complete with all the necessary installation accessories, spacers, screws and metal ring. This solution permits the replacement of just the worn components and, thanks specifically to its shape, reduces the heat transmission to the hub and bearings, extending the durability of all components.
CO CAST brake disc
Stands out for the co-casing process which joins two different materials together: the braking surface in special cast iron and the hub in spheroidal graphite cast iron with superior mechanical resistance. This allows the expansion and radial contraction of the braking surface during cooling, with the ensuing elimination of hot spots which can cause stress and potential cracks on the braking surface.
The end result is a disc which combined with Brembo brake pads offers higher mechanical resistance and durability than a normal integral disc
Patented material and ventilation system
For its range of discs for heavy vehicles, Brembo has developed specific materials, which when teamed with patented cooling systems allow for a reduction in the operating temperatures, increased resistance to thermal cracks and a reduction in the weight of the disc.

This translates to greater durability of the brake discs and pads, reduced consumption and emission levels and safer braking.
Detail of Brembo Prime commercial vehicle brake disc
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