Superior style,
Xtra performance
When it comes to performance, demand the best.
The Xtra range draws quality and expertise from the highest technical standards of original equipment production. Sleek design, superior style and excellent sports performance with enhanced comfort and durability.
Xtra discs, pads and X-Style calipers
Brembo Xtra pads are the ideal solution to maximize Max and Xtra discs’ high performing features.
Brembo Xtra brake pads are designed to work harmoniously with Brembo Max discs and Brembo Xtra discs, each operating interdependently to power excellent performance and ensure precision control over the braking system. Exclusive friction material with reduced vibration and less wear – it’s the perfect solution for enhanced sports driving without compromising on comfort or durability on the road.

With 60% vehicle parc coverage, the range comprises of more than 300 disc part numbers and 200 pads that are innovatively developed to work together to deliver rapid, responsive, and effective braking with unparalleled safety – in every driving condition.
  • Excellent friction coefficient for greater grip and fast response
  • Unparalleled brake pedal precision
  • Iconic design, stylish sports look
  • Optimal braking stability
Xtra discs and Xtra pads
Chart of Xtra range: performance, fade, wear
Rigorously tested for maximum safety
Comparison tests carried out between Brembo Xtra range against the representative competitor offering of drilled/grooved discs and pads combinations, from several different suppliers within the aftermarket* confirm the range is the exclusive technical solution and is manufactured to pass the most demanding road and bench tests for unparalleled safety guaranteed.
A splash of colour for your wheels!
Dedicated to premium models, the Brembo X-Style calipers are directly derived from original equipment production. An extension of Brembo’s globally renowned, iconic caliper made with the same quality, reliability and performance you can count on.

An ideal solution for the passionate car owner who wants to customize their car with the elegance of the Brembo aluminium calipers combined with that touch of originality provided by color to suit individual, unique and distinctive styles.
X-Style calipers
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