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Unique lightness

The major motorbike manufacturers and motorsport teams worldwide always demand the best. That is why they choose Marchesini Racing.  
The strength of Marchesini is the light weight of its products achieved by multiforging, a recent production technique for remarkable rigidity and mechanical strength
paired with a considerable weight reduction.
The latter is a decisive factor in increasing performance. The light-alloy wheels, in magnesium or aluminium, reduce the gyroscopic effect and the moment of inertia, to the benefit of responsiveness and manoeuvrability.

This allows for better acceleration and braking performance. Likewise, each change of direction becomes faster. Every detail reveals a product of excellence and this is why Marchesini Racing wheels are exclusively liquid painted.
Compared to classic powder coating, this premium process guarantees a further weight reduction and superior appearance.
Marchesini Racing 10 spoke gold rim
Design and style
It is a matter of style. For all motorbike enthusiasts, the design of Marchesini wheels is distinctive and unique. The 10-spoke wheel design is a timeless classic with its characteristic Y shape. They are a favourite with motorbike enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, a distinctive product that has made Marchesini famous the worldwide.

Marchesini uses all its skill and creativity to always seek new solutions. The result is the innovative, high-performance 7-spoke wheel, designed for racing, that combines technology and high performance with a modern, aggressive look.
Magnesium wheels
The design of the Marchesini Racing wheels is a real trademark. The 10-spoke forged magnesium version, with a characteristic, “Y”-shaped design, and the very high-performing innovative 7-spoke version equip the most of teams in the MotoGP, Superbike and Endurance championships. Reliability, lightness and safety are guaranteed by the total control of the magnesium alloy production process. Marchesini Racing multiforged magnesium wheels offer the best performance because they are the lightest, most rigid and most efficient on the racing market. The mechanical processing on the entire surface, as well as the near-zero overhangs and imbalances, are the result of the extremely strict laboratory tests carried out in-house. The wheels are supplied ready for assembly, complete with disc holder flanges, sprocket, outer bushing and inner spacer, all carved from an aluminium billet.
Marchesini Racing 7 spoke aluminium rim
Aluminium rims
These are aluminium alloy wheels made multiforging and are available with ten or seven spokes. Despite the considerable weight reduction compared to the original wheel set, their remarkable lateral and torsional strength make them the perfect solution for making special and track motorbikes. The aluminium wheels are interchangeable with the original wheels, except for the sprocket, which must be replaced with a model that meets the Marchesini standard.
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