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Where rigidity meets agility

One of the most important presences in the Brembo group is the Marchesini brand, a leader in the research, design and development of wheels for motorcycles both for top world championships and road use. Working together with Brembo on technological innovation, research into materials and manufacturing processes has resulted in iconic products which are sought after by thousands of enthusiasts because of their unique characteristics.
Every motorcyclist knows the importance of lightness and the value of rigidity. Marchesini is a master in both disciplines, but also in design, as demonstrated by the M10RC Kompe. The ten aluminium wheels are made using a multidirectional forging process and are available in a painted and anodized version. Spokes of varying thicknesses and tapered ribbing make for high rigidity without increasing the overall weight of the wheel. The weight saving is appreciated because, since this is unsprung weight, the wheels have an impact on the overall agility of the vehicle, and therefore acceleration and entering bends.

The ten spokes and chosen colours are a perfect match for the style of nearly all custom motorcycles on the market. All this is done without having to sacrifice anything in terms of safety, guaranteed by the strict controls and numerous tests carried out on each wheel.
Marchesini M10RC Kompe black 10 spoke motorbike rims
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