BMW 5 (G30, F90)

M 550 i xDrive (340 Kw) 03/17


Diameter (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Technical specifications
Vehicle information
Rear axle
Diameter 345 mm
Thickness 24 mm
High Carbon disc (HC) Thanks to the high percentage of carbon in the chemical composition of the cast iron, the HC disc provides greater damping coefficient, able to reduce vibration and noise while driving. Find out more Disc with fixing screw By supplying the fixing screw in the disc box, Brembo provides extra help to the mechanic if the original screw is rusty or worn to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse. UV Disc The UV coating process provides a superior corrosion resistance and full disc protection. Find out more
Technical data
Technical drawing
Compatible vehicles
OE Part number
Diameter (Diameter)
345 mm
Overall height (A)
64,2 mm
Centring diameter (B)
67 mm
Number of holes (C)
Thickness (TH)
24 mm
Minimum thickness
22,4 mm
Unit per box
The technical drawing is not available yet
Model Type Kw Year
Model Type Kw Year
No compatible vehicles found
Compatible OE codes
No OE codes available

Brake fluid

Exceeding the standards
Exceeding the standards
The Brembo Premium Brake Fluid products pass the standards applied for class 4, 5.1 and 6 brake fluid.
Brembo Premium Brake Fluid
The product offers greater resistance against Vapour Lock, ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures.Thanks to the excellent corrosion- and oxidation-resistant properties, the Brembo brake fluids also make it possible to achieve long-term protection against alteration of fluid chemical/physical properties when in the operating circuit, thus keeping it intact.
Check the compatibility of your braking system with the brake fluid selected in the service manual of your car.
To request the Safety Data Sheet for Brembo brake fluid, write to us at information request

Brembo B-quiet

Maximum guarantee for your braking system
Maximum guarantee for your braking system
High load capacity and reliability over the long term for the new product from Brembo.
For the correct maintenance of your braking system, when changing the pads, always make sure that the braking components are well lubricated.Brembo B-Quiet is the brake lubricant to apply at the contact points between the caliper and the pad, Brembo B-Quiet lubricant effectively reduces braking system noise and guarantees protection of the components from corrosion.
To request the Brembo B-Quiet lubricant Safety Data Sheet, write to information request
The PR Numbers (Primary Equipment) classify some spare parts for VAG vehicles. They are listed on the vehicle data adhesive or in the service handbook The PR Numbers (Primary Equipment) classify some spare parts for VAG vehicles. They are listed on the vehicle data adhesive or in the service handbook