S 85 507

Brake shoe
Brake shoe technical data
180 mm
31 mm
Braking system
With hand brake lever
Compatible vehicles




OE Part number
Compatible OE codes
AUDI 171609525A
AUDI 171609525AV
AUDI 171609525AX
AUDI 171609526A
AUDI 171609526AV
AUDI 171609526AX
AUDI 171609527F
AUDI 171609527FV
AUDI 171609527FX
AUDI 171609528F
AUDI 171609528FV
AUDI 171609528FX
AUDI 171698051
AUDI 171698525A
AUDI 171698525AV
AUDI 171698525AX
AUDI 171698525BV
AUDI 171698525BX
AUDI 191609525
AUDI 191609526
AUDI 191609527
AUDI 191609528
AUDI 191698051
AUDI 531609525V
AUDI 531609525X
AUDI 531609526V
AUDI 531609526X
AUDI 531609527V
AUDI 531609527X
AUDI 531609528V
AUDI 531609528X
AUDI 531698525V
AUDI 531698525X
AUDI 687698525X
AUDI 6E0698520X
AUDI 6E0698525V
AUDI 6E0698525X
AUDI 811609525
AUDI 811609526
AUDI 811609527
AUDI 811609528
AUDI 867609525
AUDI 867609525A
AUDI 867609525X
AUDI 867609526
AUDI 867609526A
AUDI 867609527
AUDI 867609527A
AUDI 867609528
AUDI 867609528A
AUDI 867698525
AUDI 867698525V
AUDI 867698525X
SEAT 171609525A
SEAT 171609526A
SEAT 171609527F
SEAT 171609528F
SEAT 171698525AX
SEAT 191609525
SEAT 191609526
SEAT 191609527
SEAT 191609528
SEAT 531698525X
SEAT 867609525
SEAT 867609525528
SEAT 867609526
SEAT 867609527
SEAT 867609528
SEAT 867698520X
SEAT 867698525V
SEAT 867698525X
VW 171609525A
VW 171609526A
VW 171609527F
VW 171609528F
VW 171698525AX
VW 191609525
VW 191609526
VW 191609527
VW 191609528
VW 191609626
VW 191688051
VW 531609525
VW 531609526
VW 531609527
VW 531609528
VW 531609537
VW 531698525X
VW 867609525
VW 867609526
VW 867609527
VW 867609528
VW 867698520X
VW 867698525S1
VW 867698525V
VW 867698525X
VW 867698526V
VW 867698527V
VW 867698528V
VW 867909527
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