Disc technical data
230 mm
Overall height (A)
40,3 mm
Centring diameter (B)
65 mm
Number of holes (C)
Thickness (TH)
9 mm
Minimum thickness
7,5 mm
Tightening torque
120 Nm
Unit per box
Brand part numbers
Brembo 08.7165.1X
AP 14699 X
UNECE R 90 homologation for the entire range of Brembo Xtra brake discs
The entire range of Brembo Xtra brake discs has obtained the new UNECE R 90 homologation. Download the UNECE R90 certificate for your Brembo Xtra disc using the following link.
If you can't find the certificate for the Brembo Max o Brembo Xtra part number you have selected or if you live in Switzerland, please contact us. Click here
Send any questions to information request
Technical specifications
Brembo Xtra
Brembo Xtra discs have holes on the braking surface that optimise performance in wet conditions, ensure constant renewal of the friction material and prompt braking in all conditions.
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Disc with fixing screw
By supplying the fixing screw in the disc box, Brembo provides extra help to the mechanic if the original screw is rusty or worn to such an extent as to prevent or make it difficult to reuse.
UV Disc
The UV coating process provides a superior corrosion resistance and full disc protection.
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Compatible vehicles





OE Part number
Compatible OE codes
AUDI 1J0615601
AUDI 1J0615601C
AUDI 1J0615601N
AUDI 1J0615601P
AUDI 1J0615601Q
AUDI 2Q0615601H
SEAT 1J0615601
SEAT 1J0615601C
SEAT 1J0615601N
SEAT 1J0615601P
SEAT 1J0615601Q
SEAT 2Q0615601H
SKODA 1J0615601
SKODA 1J0615601C
SKODA 1J0615601N
SKODA 1J0615601P
SKODA 1J0615601Q
SKODA 2Q0615601H
SKODA (SVW) 6QD615601A
VW 1J0615601
VW 1J0615601C
VW 1J0615601N
VW 1J0615601P
VW 1J0615601Q
VW 2Q0615601H
VW (FAW) L6QD615601
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