No longer available, replaced by: 09.B754.21
Disc technical data
316 mm
Overall height (A)
45 mm
Centring diameter (B)
64,1 mm
Number of holes (C)
Thickness (TH)
22 mm
Minimum thickness
20,4 mm
Unit per box
Brand part numbers
Brembo 09.A506.21
AP 25253 V
Breco BV 8863
Technical specifications
High Carbon disc (HC)
Thanks to the high percentage of carbon in the chemical composition of the cast iron, the HC disc provides greater damping coefficient, able to reduce vibration and noise while driving.
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PVT vented disc
The PVT disc uses, in its ventilation chamber, pillars instead of vanes. Disc cooling capacity is enhanced by an extra 40% and therefore provides more resistance against thermal cracking.
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UV Disc
The UV coating process provides a superior corrosion resistance and full disc protection.
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OE Part number
Compatible OE codes
MINI 34116784371
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