26 June 2020

Brembo enlarges its network in UK

More and more Brembo Experts across the country.

At Brembo, innovation never stops. Working with the industry, the Brembo Expert program is meant for rewarding professionals who go the extra mile with continuously developing their skills to keep up to date with the innovations of the field.
The Aftermarket program, released in 2016 in UK, comprises a set of tools and services - including technical training sessions and dedicated point of sale material - to make the distribution and repair professionals really stand out.
To date there are over 300 garages throughout the UK who are associated with the competence and reliability of the brand and the goal for the next years is to expand the network, reaching brake specialists prepared perform the perfect professional service to all drivers.
How to become a Brembo Expert?
Brembo insists on a set of criterias  to become a Brembo Expert, as the representation of the brand in the industry is a significant obligation.
Aesthetically, Brembo requires for the garage to have premises that reflect their high level of customer care. Ensuring best practices from Brembo Experts, there is a requirement of having the necessary equipment and trained technicians to be able to complete a brake replacement. There is a necessity of passing an online test and retaking this test every 12 months to prove their knowledge and skills.
Once all these criterias have been met, the Brembo Expert will then receive association with the Brembo brand by being placed on the exclusive Brembo Expert map that allows for potential customers to find the business in a simple and intuitive way.
Becoming a Brembo Expert will give them exclusive access to the reserved area on bremboparts.com, which includes the Brake System Academy and some marketing materials.  Moreover, Brembo Expert offers visibility thanks to its line of garments and merchandising, to further highlight the business association with Brembo.
The voice of Brembo Experts
Don’t just take our word for it, we have interviewed one of the Brembo Experts that have been part of this network from the beginning.
Please provide us with a brief history of your garage eg: how long you have been trading? How you have grown?
"I first opened the doors of TyreMarks in 2007, I started from scratch, not as a businessman, but as a mechanic with a massive passion for motor vehicles. I have loved cars and bikes for as long as I can remember, so the motor trade was an easy choice for me. From my very first day of work experience I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I have worked in the motor trade ever since. 
I started working in a local independent garage in Tavistock where I went from a workshop technician and somehow ended up as general manager, but it seemed to work well. This is where I realised, with my drive and passion, I had more to offer in the area, so I had to do it for myself, this is how TyreMarks was born. We started off 13 years ago in a 1000 sqft unit with 2 ramps, 1 tyre fitting bay and 2 members of staff. Within a year we had doubled in size and staff and we just continued to grow, then 3 years ago we moved into our new workshop, a fully refurbished 7000 sqft unit, where we now have 6 ramps, 3 tyre fitting bays and 9 members of staff."
Why did you choose to join the Brembo Expert program?
"My aim has always been the same from day one, to be the best I possibly can. To be able to offer the very best service and results in vehicle repairs. To be able do this I need to work with the best, the best quality products, the best back up, with the best knowledge and training, and in braking you don’t get any better than Brembo."
Which aspects did you appreciate the most?
"I have always believed in the Brembo brand, always ran Brembo products on my own motorbikes and cars, and I’ve always said if I run it on my own vehicles then this is what I want to fit to customers vehicles. It is such a great company to work with, the backup is second to none, just being able to contact the Brembo staff whenever I need advice or product knowledge is brilliant, nothing is too much trouble for them. In fact, everyone I have met in the “Brembo family” is so passionate and proud about the brand, which I just love! 
I was impressed right from the very start, Brembo as a brand I always wanted to be associated with. I love the company, the marketing, and the products. The factory tour is something I will always remember, from the foundry right through to the state of art R&D testing facilities, it just blew me away, I am so proud to be part of it."
Would you recommend the Brembo Expert program to other garages?
"Yes, most definitely, but I feel it needs to be the right garages. Those who aim to give their customer the right garage experience, with good quality products and the best value for money. This is a brilliant program for those looking to learn and improve, it comes together with great personal service and back up, and being one of the top brands in the motor industry comes very highly respected. It would be a great benefit to any garage, and every one of their customers."
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