11 September 2018


The perfect synthesis between sports performance, comfort and durability.

Brembo officially launches Brembo's new XTRA brake pads at Automechanika Frankfurt. They will be at the new stand with a neat and elegant design during the world’s most prestigious event.
Brembo's new XTRA brake pads have been designed to assure a high level of performance during road use. They maximize the advantages of Brembo's Aftermarket range of drilled and slotted discs and are the ideal solution for enthusiasts who love brilliant driving and complete safety. 
The challenge for Brembo's engineers at the Friction Laboratory was to study and develop a friction material capable of assuring a high level of performance during road sports use, as well as, less noise, comfort and durability.
It looked like an impossible result to achieve, but, after constant research, numerous comparative tests, simulations with cutting edge equipment programs and thousands of kilometers of road tests, Brembo can now claim it has identified the “X” factor.
The new pad range extends Brembo's product line for the aftermarket that's on display at this year's Automechanika stand: the XTRA and MAX sports discs; the premium range with the new co-cast disc;  B-QUIET lubricant and brake fluid; hydraulics range with the remanufactured calipers, including a full range of "equivalent to the original" brake pads.
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