20 June 2019

Brembo Xtra: when discs and pads are made for one another

The combined action of the Brembo Xtra pads and Max and Xtra brake discs ensure the best braking performance in any conditions. Let's discover all the secrets of the perfect match!

In unity there is power… braking power! In fact, perfect operation of the braking system also depends on the collaboration between different components. If discs and pads are high quality and designed for optimum interaction, the entire braking system will benefit. Grip, performance and pedal feeling, but also comfort and durability: in terms of braking advantages, the Xtra and Brembo Max sport discs are unparalleled in accompanying the Brembo Xtra pads. And, to make any match last, everyone know that wear is one of the main pitfalls to avoid. Over the long term, attrition can lead to worn discs, which in turn accelerate the pad deterioration process! The same corrosive dynamic also takes place when things are reversed - when it is pad wear that causes excessive brake disc wear. And a structurally worn system develops higher temperatures in braking, triggering a series of other problems to the detriment of the peaceful cohabitation - and correct operation - of all the components in the system.

But how can we prevent this vicious cycle? By exploiting the combined advantages offered by the X-Range discs and Brembo Xtra pads! So, let's have a detailed look at the characteristics.
More than 30 different components: when a compound is forever (or almost)
The Brembo Xtra brake pad compound uses a special material, developed in the company's advanced R&D centre and it is made up of more than 30 different components. Compared to the compounds that are traditionally used for the pads in this category, BRM X L01 guarantees a high friction coefficient that enhances the advantages of the Brembo Aftermarket discs, ensuring stable and bold braking at any temperature. Relying on Brembo's experience in racing and OEM, this new solution was developed even further to ensure the best performance even in terms of comfort and durability for those who love a sporty driving style. In terms of pedal feeling, the Xtra pads provide a highly modular pedal and complete control in all of the braking stages. Driving comfort is therefore ensured, even in the event of sporty driving on the road and the stability of the friction coefficient allows for even pressure and temperature distribution, preventing the formation of hot spots on the braking surface, therefore doing away with those pesky vibrations.
Thanks to the innovative formula of the BRM X L01 compound, the advantages in terms of performance in no way compromise the product's characteristics of low noise and high mileage. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the performance of Brembo Xtra brake pads is consistent both in braking cycles at high temperatures and in the subsequent cold cycles: in fact, the scorching treatment allows for the preventive elimination of the gases responsible for fading, a phenomenon that can cause a reduction of the friction coefficient between disc and pad.
Slots and holes: when aesthetics is also synonymous with functionality
In a perfect relationship, visual impressions are also key. This is the case for Brembo Xtra and Max brake discs, characterised by a special boring and grooving, and enhanced by the exclusive UV painting. Beyond the attractive aesthetic effect, slots and holes provide, first and foremost, a series of functional advantages that guarantee efficient braking and driving comfort in any condition.
  • Better grip. The slots and holes made on the braking surface of the disc ensure high grip and a highly responsive and efficient braking system for any eventuality.
  • The cleanliness of the pad. The different grooves in the Xtra and Max generate a scraping effect that eliminates residues of ferrous material produced by wear, contributing to cleaning and regenerating the pads.
  • Heat dissipation. The presence of slots and holes is fundamental for increasing air circulation and, therefore, the braking system's ability to dissipate the heat of the disc, as well as allowing for rapid expulsion of the gases that may cause a fading effect.
  • Performance in the wet. In the event of rain, holes and slots break up the thin sheet of water that forms on the braking surface, restoring maximum reliability to the system already from the first braking operation.
As experience teaches, the best intentions are those that are able to withstand even the hardest tests. The perfect combination between the Brembo Xtra pads and the Max and Xtra discs has been tested on the bench and on the road, passing all of the most demanding trials with flying colours and thereby proving to be the solution par excellence for all late model compact, medium and sports cars.
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