28 March 2018

FLEXIRA: the new technology for compact calipers

A new compact caliper concept that combines an optimised dimensioning with light weight and style has been presented

The safe and performing braking which is assured for high-end cars is now available also to high volume car manufacturers producing vehicles with less extreme features.
The credit goes to Flexira™, the new technology applied to Brembo's compact fixed caliper, devised and created so that it can be inserted into small spaces, preserving the functionality and the performance that are typical of a fixed caliper, and at the same time taking up a space that is similar to that of a floating caliper.
The special aluminium alloy is gravity cast and then steel inserts (the so called "sleeves") are added to the caliper's outer side. These inserts can be easily seen on the caliper's front surface.
Brembo's new caliper has 38 mm and 42 mm diameter pistons; a pad having a 72 cm2 surface and its friction material is 11 mm thick.
Brembo's patented solution assures a relevant mass reduction compared with the cast iron floating calipers which are usually used on A, B and C segment vehicles. Thanks to this mass reduction the fuel consumption and the emissions are lowered, therefore increasing the vehicle's dynamic effectiveness and limiting the moments of inertia.
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