01 February 2018


The importance of attending a Brembo Expert course recounted by the mechanics themselves 

"The Brembo Expert braking system training is educational"
The BG workshop of Zevenbergen is Brembo Expert certified. The owners, Harm Grootenboer and Alex Brons, took the same course on braking systems. Grootenboer: "My knowledge of the world of brakes was refreshed; I learned things that we put into practice straight away. It is an educational training."
Grootenboer took the training course at the beginning of last year, completing it with a written exam, just as his colleague did. From that moment on, they became "Brembo Experts": the offer professional service based on updated knowledge and the use of the most suitable instruments.

Working on braking systems is an everyday routine for Grootenboer. "We replace brakes on average five or six times a week. During the training, I refreshed my knowledge and found interesting explanations. I learned that a pad that seems good a first glance can be replaced; a pad is made up of various layers and between the friction materials, there is a layer that prevents the heat from passing from the pad to the brake caliper. Now I can also tell this story to the customers who ask why their brake pads that appear to be good must be replaced.

The importance of measuring the brake discs
Grootenboer measures the thickness of the discs in the workshop more frequently. "If the thickness gets close to the minimum dimension, the disc is a candidate for replacement. This way I can guarantee better service for my customers in complete safety."
During the training, the topic of braking system maintenance also came up. Grootenboer continues: "I learned that, not only must the brake caliper be cleaned, but the guide pins, among other things, must also be cleaned. The topic of the lubricant was also discussed."

"I would like to know more about how to prevent and solve braking system squealing. I know from experience that grinding brakes are often difficult to correct, so it seems to me like an interesting topic to discuss for the next time."
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