28 September 2018


Double event with the top EMEA customers to celebrate a success story that changed the Business Unit.

Brembo celebrated its 10-year presence in the Aftermarket market with its pads.
He did it with a double appointment entitled "Driving the Future".

On September 24th there was a celebration at the Kilometro Rosso with a conference to which the main European, Middle Eastern and African customers (EMEA area) were invited.
The day, on the one hand, celebrated these ten years which turned out to be a success story and allowed a change of pace even for the Business Unit, from all points of view: strategic, competitive and of size. On the other hand, as suggested by the same title of the event ("Driving the Future"), Brembo wanted to share with its top partners vision and future strategies, illustrating the direction in which it is moving to continue to be a leader in the sector. At the end of the day, customers visited the friction and R & D laboratories at the Kilometro Rosso site.

The day after, 25th September, customers were invited to the Franciacorta Circuit where they had the chance to:
  • Try, after a briefing, all the excitement of the sport driving at the wheel of Mercedes AMG, Corvette, Alfa Giulia and Tesla Model S equipped with Brake By Wire (BbW) technology.
  • Discover, in a dedicated box, all the peculiarities of the Brembo Brake By Wyre, the brake system electronically controlled.
  • Get to know all the advantages of the new Brembo Xtra pads, designed to ensure maximum comfort for the most enthusiastic drivers who want a sporty driving on the road.
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