Repair kits for brake calipers

We are accustomed to replacing brake discs and pads on the braking system before they are excessively worn, but what other components need our attention?

Some components of brake calipers, which are responsible for transmitting the hydraulic pressure of the brake fluid to the brake pads, may deteriorate over the years, especially due to the presence of salt on the roads or to the chemical degreasing agents used to clean your vehicle.

In these cases, Brembo offers a range of remanufactured calipers, which envisage the replacement of the internal caliper components and the treatment of the caliper body.

Repair kits for brake calipers

When only certain components which are most subject to deterioration need to be replaced, you can perform quick, safe and efficient maintenance by resorting to the new range of repair kits for calipers, which includes over 300 different kits, grouped together into 5 separate families, which you can use to:
  • replace the sliding guide pins on floating calipers and their related rubber parts
  • replace the caliper pistons
  • replace the caliper piston seals and the dust cover
These are key components for the correct functioning of the brake calipers, which require suitable maintenance.
The brake piston, which is one of the fundamental components of the caliper, has the following characteristics:
  • low roughness to ensure watertightness even when the temperature changes
  • high surface hardness to keep the roughness low over time
  • low heat conductivity to avoid the fluid overheating and the ensuing vapour lock
  • high load resistance due to the hydraulic pressure
  • chemical compatibility with the brake fluid
You need to ensure the piston slides properly inside the caliper, in particular by checking the sealing ring, which has multiple functions:
  • it guarantees the watertightness of the brake fluid
  • it allows the return of the piston at the end of braking 
  • it allows the return of the piston after it retracts due to disc deformation
  • it allows the piston to move forward following the wear of the pad
In sealing rings, it is especially important to use rubber which is compatible with the brake fluid used.
Brembo repair kits for brake calipers also contain a dust cover, which prevents the ingress of liquid or dirt into the piston seat, which would compromise its proper functioning. It is important to observe the right dimensions of the cover to allow the full travel of the piston, preventing it from slipping out of its seat.

Last, but by no means least, come the sliding guide pins, with their related rubber parts, the deterioration of which causes a series of issues, such as:
  • sliding system blockage
  • caliper damage
  • residual torque
  • overheating of the disc
  • early and abnormal wear of the brake pad and disc
Packaging of the brake caliper repair kit


There are many different components inside the calipers which may deteriorate, and their deterioration could also have serious consequences, which could compromise the safety of the braking system itself. 
Among the brake caliper maintenance tasks, we suggest you 
  • clean and lubricate the caliper sliding pins with a dedicated lubricant
  • check the pistons, seals and all sliding parts
Every item requires specific grease for lubrication.

Should your inspections reveal the presence of damaged components, you can replace the entire caliper or individual components, resorting to dedicated Brembo repair kits for brake calipers, obviously with the help of dedicated qualified staff.

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